Clacton Arts Literary Society

The Princes Theatre, Town Hall, Clacton on Sea, Monday nights 7.30pm

October to March, 16 Evenings of superb entertainment for little more than £3 per evening for members or £10.00 for individual performances at the box office on the night. (Admission after 7-15 pm for box office tickets)

To join the Society for the season starting October 2018, please contact: Mrs Susan Price Telephone: 01255 221106 or use Membership Application.

For all other information please contact Mrs Patricia Waller Telephone number 01255 436701 or use Membership Application.

The Programme for October 2018 to March 2019 available August 2018

Monday Night at the Princes Theatre

  • The Society, which is one of the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom, was founded in December 1904.
  • It has a membership in excess of 850.
  • It is a registered Charity-Number 801385.
  • It meets in the Princes Theatre in the prestigious Clacton Town Hall complex on sixteen Monday evenings between mid October and early March.
  • The objects of the Society are “to promote, improve, develop and maintain public education in an appreciation of Science and the Arts, including the Arts of literature, music and drama.”